Trip Camp Application Process

Trip Camp utilizes a multi-step application process in order to ensure that prospective campers can be successful in the program. Please note that each year there are many more applicants than available spaces.

Before Beginning the Application Process

There are a few important things to note about Trip Camp before you begin your application process.

Step 1

There is a $100 fee to begin the admission process for Trip Camp payable by check or Venmo. You must sign a form agreeing to these terms.

Here is how the $100 fee will be applied:

This fee is required because some parents go through the application process seeking free advice regarding their son, with no intention of enrolling in camp.  This fee ensures that prospective families are serious about the camp admission process.

You will be sent an online questionnaire to be filled out by one of your son’s current teachers who has observed your son working in groups at school. By forwarding this form you are waiving your right to view the form. The reason for this is because I want teachers to be able to answer the questions as honestly as possible, without fear of backlash from parents.

Step 2


Step 3

If I believe your son could be successful in Trip Camp I will ask you to set up a brief, informal online interview with your son so I can meet him. (There is no charge for this and it will take no longer than 10 minutes.) If I do not believe that Trip Camp is where I believe your son can be most successful I will provide you with referrals to summer camps where I believe he can be successful.

After your son’s informal interview you will have 3 days to decide if you would like to move forward and register him for camp. If you would like to move forward I will send you the online application and required medical forms. A $400.00 deposit is required to reserve your son’s spot in camp. If you choose not to enroll your son please note that the $100.00 application fee is not refundable.

Step 4

Next Step

Please sign up to the Camp Trip Mailing list to be notified once dates and availability are determined. Please note that adding yourself to the mailing list does not guarantee admission for the following summer.

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