Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP

Trip Camp Founder & Director

About Ryan

I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about Trip Camp. My name is Ryan, I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker, Certified ADHD Professional, Creator of the ADHD Dude YouTube channel and Director of ADHD Dude and Trip Camp. My most important job is being a Dad (to a son with ADHD).

I began my summer camp career at age 3 and have spent the majority of my life working at, creating and directing various summer programs. My initial motivation for learning all I could about executive functioning and social skills stemmed from my son who has his share of learning, social and emotional regulation challenges.

Diving head first into this field led to me creating the only school year programs and summer camp that solely serves the ADHD population.

I started Trip Camp because the kids I was working with in my private practice did not have a summer camp option that met their needs. Their choices were to either attend mainstream camps where they would not learn important skills or attend “social skills camps” where they were grouped with kids who had much more significant challenges.

I have travelled around the country to receive training that has led me to create the ADHD Dude methodology® and am very active in the ADHD community. 
I have presented multiple times and serve on the planning committee for the International Conference on ADHD.

In 2019 I partnered with ADDitude Magazine to create a new section, ADHD in Boys in which I answer viewers’ questions.  Please feel free to check out the ADHD Dude YouTube channel and Facebook page.

I am originally from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania and attended Temple University for my undergraduate degree and Bryn Mawr College School of Social Work for graduate school.

To learn more about the ADHD Dude methodology and see videos of Trip Camp in action please visit the ADHD Dude YouTube channel where content is organized into playlists for parents and kids.

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