Camper Profile

The boys who attend Trip Camp are an endearing and energetic group who enjoy being with a group of similar-age boys who “get them”. Some of the boys who attend have a more inattentive ADHD profile while others have a more impulsive profile. Additionally, some may present with learning differences or mild anxiety.

We are a camp for boys who could attend at a typical day/overnight camp but would not thrive or build the critical social and independent skills we experientially teach at camp each day.

Trip Camp is the only camp in the United States specifically serving the ADHD population that teaches social, executive functioning and independent skills through an active program. We teach skills that are not taught in schools or camps (including “ADHD camps” and “social skills camps”).

Please note that not all boys who present with ADHD would be successful in Trip Camp.

Trip Camp does not offer a level of support for boys whom:

  • are diagnosed with Asperger’s or higher-verbal autism
  • need behavioral supports in school
  • are home schooled or attend cyber schools (not COVID related)
  • are prone to physical/verbal aggression, emotional outbursts in school or in public
  • prone to elopement when upset/angry
  • make threats of aggression towards teachers or classmates
  • require 1:1 support in school or are in a self-contained behavioral classroom
  • have significant anxiety that manifests as negativity when in a group setting
  • Present with significant difficulty being part of a similar-age peer group in school or outside of school

Additionally, Trip Camp is not a good match for parents who have separation anxiety from their children as we do not allow campers to carry mobile devices with them. 

Campers are expected to continue their daily medication regimen during their time at camp.  Despite the advice of professionals and physicians, camp is not a good time for a “medication vacation”.

If through the application process we determine that your son would benefit from a higher level of support, we will provide you with referrals to camps where we believe your son could be successful.